Cobia Offshore was formed by a dynamic group of highly skilled mechanical, hydraulic and electrical engineers for the purpose of providing top quality products and services for the Offshore and Marine industries. We are equipped to handle all jobs large and small, from design jobs, custom design equipment, field service, commissioning, rig maintenance and emergency support. Our engineering and fabrication is second to none in the industry. Customer satisfaction is Job Number One.

Cobia Offshore strives to be a leader in the areas of engineering, product manufacturing, and service work. Our main areas of expertise are offshore load handling equipment, both electrical and hydraulic. Our competitive edge is our ability to provide custom designed products and quality service with fast turnaround. We employ a team of highly skilled engineers along with a competent and motivated labor force. Cobia Offshore promotes innovation and stresses the need to continuously improve in all of its disciplines and endeavors.

We know it is crucial in the highly competitive offshore industry to distinguish itself from the competition at the outset. We have and will continue to distance ourselves from the competition by offering unequaled quality products and services across the spectrum. We pride ourselves on the use and incorporation of the newest cutting-edge technologies in everything we do. Our impeccable design and engineering has positioned us to become a global leader in the field of offshore engineering.

Cobia Offshore delivers valuable products and services for all of our customers, large and small. Our end-market is diversified with a strong emphasis on Offshore Products, Services, and Technologies. We cater to clients large and small who need the highest quality products and services delivered on-time and on-budget. We are often called upon for urgent assistance to clients who would otherwise suffer from costly downtime. Cobia sees great potential in this market and we are actively exploiting our strengths in order to potentiate and solidify our place in the global market.

Cobia Offshore was founded on the core principles of intelligent design, innovation, diligence, workplace safety, and above all, customer satisfaction. To this end our business objectives include being at the top in our field and maintaining our reputation of reliability, engineering excellence, and standing behind our products and services 100%. This goes hand in hand with Cobia’s strategy of being both highly competitive and excelling in the quality and design of our products.

Cobia Offshore core areas are engineering, project management, and field service. We have a core group of very experienced project managers and engineers to effectively execute projects from concept to commissioning.